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Waste Concerns after Car Servicing in South Norfolk

Have you ever wondered what happens to the parts removed from your car at the end of your car servicing? Many items taken from cars are classified as special waste which needs to be disposed of in an appropriate way. This way not only has to be correct in terms of environment, but has to be in line with legal requirements. At Surlingham Garage we are registered with the Environment Agency and hold a Waste Producers Licence, meaning that once we remove any part of your car from batteries to exhausts, we are able to dispose of it safely.

Waste Management Procedures

Tyres, Brake & clutch fluid, Brake & clutch friction, Oil & fuel filters,Antifreeze and Waste oil are all considered to be special waste that needs to be disposed of carefully and correctly. Depending on the waste that is created, there are specialist companies who we employ to help us dispose of this waste. Below is a quick overview of what is considered waste and how they are dealt with.

Removed Items Safety Kleen

  • Brake and clutch friction material (Safety Kleen contracted to remove)
  • Brake and clutch fluid (Safety Kleen contracted to remove)
  • Mixed oil and fuel filters (Safety Kleen contracted to remove)
  • Antifreeze / Coolant (Safety Kleen contracted to remove)
  • Mixed fuel (Safety Kleen contracted to remove)

Supplied by Safety Kleen

  • Oily parts washing (Safety Kleen to supply and maintain equipment)

Waste Collection from Virridor

  • Paper, packaging, metal and non hazardous waste stored in wheeled bin, collected weekly and recycled where possible.


  • Batteries stored in a leak proof container and sent to be recycled


  • Collected daily from registered waste collector.

Waste Oil

Costs of Waste Disposal

Obviously, all of this costs money. We are committed to our environmental responsibilities and we do have to make a small charge on most jobs for waste disposal. This is a non profit exercise which simply covers costs incurred by us.

For our current pricing please call 01508 538452

Want to know more?

If you would like further information about how Surlingham Garage helps protect the environment against pollutants caused by car servicing, please feel free to get in touch. Simply send us an email using our handy contact form, or call 01508 538452 and we will be happy to speak with you.

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