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Air Conditioning Services 

Did you know that it is currently illegal to recover or charge refrigerant in any motor vehicle air conditioning system unless a person meets the current F Gas (Fluorinated greenhouse gases) requirements? F Gases are potent greenhouse gases whose effects can be much worse than carbon dioxide and, if let out into the atmosphere, can affect global warming. At Surlingham Garage we are proud to boast that we have two F Gas qualified technicians who know how to detect and dispose of these powerful gases safely.


Maintaining your air conditioning system is very important to help  keep the system operating  longer 

We can service and repair the latest R1234YF and older R134a systems 

Leak Removal and Air Con Recharge

In order to ensure that your air con unit is completely and safely recharged, Surlingham Garage uses a Snap on Dual Gas Fully Automatic Machine which 

  • R1234YF & R134a 
  • Recovers and safely stores any refrigerant stored in the vehicle
  • Vacuums system prior to recharge 
  • Recharges systems with specific refrigerant weight
  • Measures and replaces any oil removed
  • Adds florescent leak detection dye (if required)

Air Conditioning Costs

The cost of our air condition service and repairs vary depending on the amount of time and type of refrigerant used. 

For our current prices please call us on 01508 538452

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To book your vehicle in for air conditioning service or repairs simply call us on  01508 538452 or come and see us directly in our garage today.


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